Think. WebStudy.

The LMS that's Different by Design.


Designed to Evolve

Evolutionary Features - Continual, evolving software upgrades without fee increases. Our LMS provides diverse and easy to use features for instructor-led education. Deliver content synchronously and/or asynchronously using live streaming video and audio. WebStudy enables ANY instructor to build dynamic, high-quality online learning experiences.

Think Evolution.
Think WebStudy.

Service and Support

Designed to be Reliable.

No Headaches - WebStudy is a “software as a service” (SaaS) provider, giving customers a hosted solution combined with 24/7 unlimited support to ALL users. Build your online program with confidence with an acclaimed Help-desk 24/7, 365 days a year, to all users including students.

Think Reliability.
Think WebStudy.


Designed to be Affordable.

One Fee - We make your annual budget simple. WebStudy has a fifteen year track record of delivering reliable and financially viable online educational software with no hidden costs. Features and functionality COMBINED with 24/7 customer service are included in one price.

Think Affordabilty.
Think WebStudy.


Designed by Collaboration.

Customer Driven – The WebStudy LMS is built to customer needs. An active User’s Group summarizes users’ needs which in turn translate into application upgrades. Through live and virtual meetings, newsletters, discussion boards, social media, and regular updates, members stay abreast of the ideas of others and see their ideas turn into scheduled LMS upgrades.

Think Collaboration.
Think WebStudy.

Of course we can show you big numbers which won't tell you much - here are the numbers we're really proud of.
But you don't choose an LMS because of numbers. You need to know the product in detail.
implemented suggestions from users
percent of issues resolved during the initial call
years from WebStudy launch
no additional maintenance or support costs.