Think. WebStudy.

The LMS that's Different by Design.

Designed by our Community

Think Collaboration

Customer Driven – The WebStudy educational technology products are built to meet customer needs. Our User Group summarizes users’ needs which in turn translates into application upgrades. The User Community is expanding as educational technology expands into the classroom. Through virtual meetings, customers stay abreast of how other customer sites are optimizing 100% of the available feature set and utilizing new upgrades twice a year.

Think Collaboration.
Think WebStudy.

Designed to be Easy to Budget

Think Affordabilty

Total Cost of Ownership – has to be manageable, predictable and easy to budget. WebStudy offers software and service for One Fee. Multi-year licensing with no hidden costs and customer service in one price for ALL users, including students. Fee adjustments only once you’ve optimized faculty utilization 100% campus-wide.

Think Affordabilty.
Think WebStudy.

Designed to Eliminate Headaches

Think Reliability

Service and Support – software optimization goes beyond distance learning. After 15+ years of reliable access, mainstream faculty is ready to use educational technology to support learning inside and outside of the classroom. The best features are only as good as every faculty member can use them. A reliable 24/7/365 help desk and knowledgebase aids our customers in increasing faculty utilization of technology with mainstream faculty members as well as edTech enthusiasts.

Think Reliability.
Think WebStudy.

Designed to Continually Adapt

Think Evolution

Software features - must continuously adapt and change to meet the evolving role of technology to enable the teaching and learning process. WebStudy has released evolutionary new features twice a year for the last fifteen years at no additional cost. There is no first and second generation LMS, but instead think continuous evolution of a suite of products. WebStudy partners with customers to strike a balance between administrative and faculty needs, collectively serving the student.

Think Evolution.
Think WebStudy.

Building your next learning environment requires an entirely different and deeper set of questions than which features are important to put on a checklist.
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