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Build A Framework

Do more of what works - affordably

At WebStudy International, we made a conscious choice to keep this website active.
While we are no longer licensing the WebStudy LMS, our team remains passionate about Making a Difference! 


We encourage you to borrow the Framework we have outlined below.
This was our Vision for your Digital Learning Solution (using whatever LMS works best for your institution).

A Virtual Learning Enviornment

A flexible and standards-based teaching and learning platform that will help your institution to mix and match digital learning tools optimally for each subject and program, e.g. the digital learning experience for foreign languages differs considerably from calculus

Build a Framework


Are you unsure about how to get the next generation learning conversation started on your campus?


Play this video at your next department meeting and share reactions.  The first twenty years of the Digital Transformation in education focused on ‘distance learning’ exclusively.
Now the focus for the role of technology is BOTH student access and student success.


It starts by aligning your People, Process, and Technology. With the right configuration, you can do amazing things!

WebStudy Foundation

The original investors of WebStudy in 1997, Gisele Larose and Curt Corbi absorbed twenty years of  “needs analysis” from listening to a multitude of students, faculty and administrators.
The LMS market leaders have outpaced whatever Gisele and Curt could offer as a small business offering an LMS… 




The same passion to “Make A Difference” is as alive today as it ever was!  The WebStudy Foundation received it’s IRS approval as a non-profit educational charitable organization in January, 2019.  


The Foundation will offer resources to help your institution define your digital learning strategy — not just with campus leaders, but with all stakeholders in diverse departments — so People, Process, Technology .. and vendors, all move forward with alignment.

Build a New Path Forward

A good starting place is to profile what you have, then plan for 2020 through 2025