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Visualizing Math: How Intelligent Tutoring Technology Can Help Math-Challenged Students
By Michael Wolf
Educause Quarterly, Volume 33, 2010

Intelligent Tutoring and Mentoring for Effective Learning
By Carol Luckhardt Redfield and Gisele Larose
Educause Quarterly, Vol. 33 Number 1 2010

From Teaching to Learning – A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education
By Robert B. Barr and John Tagg
Change Magazine, 1995


Next Gen Learning Goals
League for Innovation in the Community College“completion agenda” as a national imperative
edu1world.orga Web 2.0 resource and expert network exclusively for higher education CIO’s, professionals, faculty, associations, and vendors who develop, support and work with technology solutions
STEMtech Online a comprehensive online conference experience
Online Summer Institute for Community Colleges 2010

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