LMS Product Suite
WebStudy Learning provides a fully hosted solution, a track record of zero downtime, and a 24/7 Helpdesk that provides unparalleled training, service and support to our customers.

LMS Product Suite

Behind WebStudy Learning is the belief that technology must be easy to obtain, use and grow with each educator’s desired learning curve. The site of learning is transformed from a location to a dynamic process. WebStudy Learning reaches beyond the limiting assumptions of the classroom, featuring synchronous and asynchronous capabilities, live streaming video and audio, fast and flexible course construction, and an unmatched content repository.

Faculty are able to build a syllabus, organize material and store the material in a retrievable manner – and then add supplementary materials, including audio and video straight from their computer.

As your provider of learning technologies, WebStudy Learning meets all the needs of eLearning for distance learning courses AND supplements in-class learning. WebStudy moves beyond a simple package of course materials to a dynamic, interactive learning environment that will benefit all students, especially those who do not excel in limited classroom environments.

WebStudy gives you the features to apply to the subject you teach so students can achieve the highest course and program completion rates. And WebStudy Learning is all-inclusive, incorporating all the features and functionality your college or university needs, including:

WebStorium – the WebStudy “library” where users can store, catalog and manage instructional material, audio clips, video segments and ANY content file, for easy access to all materials.
CourseStream – feature that manages and delivers streaming audio/video
CourseLive – for the creation of online interactive synchronous learning segments
WebFolio – a real-time student portfolio that facilitates students’ reflection on their own learning
MyWebStudyTutor – intelligent tutoring technology that lets students learn at their own pace or level with personalized instruction

Possible side effects of becoming a WebStudy customer:

  • Ease of training
  • Faster approach to best practices
  • Engaged faculty and students
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