Service & Support
WebStudy maintains a 24/7 Helpdesk with 98% of issues fixed during the initial call, and a track record of zero down time and the lowest incident/FTE ratio.  And there are no additional maintenance or support costs.

Service & Support

The most sophisticated technology is useless if people are unable to easily access it. That’s why LMS customers value the service provided as much as the software features. And that’s why WebStudy’s dedication to providing unparalleled support sets us apart.

Information Technology leaders can trust WebStudy to host, service and protect mission-critical and highly confidential institutional data. Since we are a fully hosted solution, our customers require no server or technical resources. WebStudy Technical staff perform all administration, updating and maintenance.

A WebStudy Learning license is all-inclusive. That means it covers: hosting, user access to all features and functions of the software and 24/7 support to the student level.

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