The WebStudy Difference

The WebStudy Difference

Smarter Learning Technology

WebStudy has always been different. Our company was born in 1998 from a collaboration among a dozen forward-thinking institutions, part of an educational consortium that partnered with the local public broadcast station to deliver distance learning. From this experience, we gained a better understanding of what the higher education market wanted from their learning management system (LMS) software, including pricing, features and support.

This understanding is the source of our longevity. When WebStudy was incorporated in 2006, we continued to collaborate with clients in a culture of partnership. This customer-centric approach helps the WebStudy team make continual product improvements that benefit all customers. More than just software, WebStudy has created a vision for 21st Century educational institutions seeking to position learning as a strategic asset.

That’s why we have the features, support and pricing necessary to support students, instructors, e-learning programs and institutions as a whole. The WebStudy Difference is clear: Our user-driven culture supports student learning and faculty adoption with long-term customer partnerships, diverse LMS features, 24/7 service and support and an all-inclusive pricing model.

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