Optimal Learning Environment

Diverse Features

WebStudy Learning has a unique design: it actually mimics the way teachers teach and the way students learn. That’s because it is the only LMS created through collaboration between a student and a professor.

Whether a faculty member wants to store a video for use semester after semester or wants to run a community project online with a class, all faculty needs are met with the same WebStudy system.

WebStudy has moved beyond a simple package of course materials to a dynamic, interactive learning environment that will benefit students who don’t excel in limited classroom environments. Leaders in education look to WebStudy when they are ready to upgrade their LMS to an end-to-end solution.

We provide tools, such as MyWebStudyTutor, that assist professors with meeting the individual needs of disparate students, while providing the remediation or challenges busy working students need — when and where they need it. And as WebStudy looks to the future, it will continue to build upon its academic roots.

The optimal learning environment of WebStudy Learning benefits everyone:

  • Students: WebStudy Learning meets them at their individual level, reaching beyond the limits of the classroom and making the learning experience more interactive and exciting.
  • Faculty: Our LMS helps them individualize learning, both online and in the classroom.
  • Administration: Our company provides software that adds value to academic technology strategies and a reliable way to deliver the business of learning.

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