Optimal Operating Environment

Service and Support

WebStudy has an impressive track record of 100% uptime for more than five years. Our culture of service and support creates an optimal operating environment, which:

  • Improves efficiency — no down time, plus our 24/7 Helpdesk means no time wasted waiting for your software to work.
  • Saves money — no additional maintenance or support costs, plus on-demand training upon request.
  • Creates a seamless learning experience — 98% of issues are fixed during the initial call to our Helpdesk.

WebStudy Learning is only available as a hosted solution with 24/7 support, 365 days a year, down to the student level. If a student is struggling with a technical issue in the middle of the night, they can access the WebStudy Helpdesk and get an answer on the spot.

Most colleges are apprehensive about switching their LMS system. Fortunately, our mission-critical operating system provides a seamless integration with colleges’ existing student information systems, and provides easy migration of courses from your first generation LMS.

For more details on our commitment to service, visit our Service and Support page.

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