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WebStudy Foundation

Align Multi-Stakeholder Viewpoints to realize your Digital Learning Future

The WebStudy Foundation, a 501.3C non-profit organization has been created to make collaborative decisions faster and more effective.


Moving forward effectively requires a well-thought-out digital learning plan to align people, process, technology, and edTech partners on the same path to sustainable innovation.


Start new conversations that identify your institution’s current teaching and learning activities that work really well and define future learning outcomes and student success objectives that can be enhanced with technology..


An academic technology plan can expand beyond an LMS to identify your institution’s current teaching and learning activities, future learning outcomes and student success objectives; as well as design a digital learning platform and implementation plan to achieve them.


WebStudy founders recognized the need for partnership both internal to a campus and external to the campus (service providers and funding sources) IF a New Digital Learning Path Forward – and the implementation plans to achieve it, are to become our new reality.


An Institution-Wide Conversation


A new reality for education is possible with an institution-wide conversation.  Your digital learning plan may be unique for every single department. But designing that is easier said than done, since campuses tend to operate in their own academic, technology, and administrative silos. Each brings their own perspective in achieving the institutional academic mission and goals of learning outcomes and student success, but these disparate silos need to come together to build a common vision. This is no easy task, and requires more than your typical occasional committee meetings.

The WebStudy Foundation Can Help


The Foundation is LMS agnostic; our Offer is beneficial to campuses that use any LMS.


Our Offer is being launched with two Solutions that can impact your planning for 2020 – 2040.


Facilitated Interactive Engagements (FIE’s) can create that needed institution-wide dialogue.  Using organizational design, technology and process we help stakeholders to recognize digital learning as a strategic asset and to build a common vision and understanding of your institution’s digital learning path forward.


Guided strategic decisioning (GSD’s) engages diverse groups both in-person and online to make decisions in less time, with the right people to impact student completion.


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Build a New Path Forward

Follow these steps to profile what you have, then plan for 2020 and 2025.