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Is technology impacting learning?
Over twenty years, we learned stand-alone software product implementations do not advance digital learning innovation and growth at a rate sufficient to offset the cost.
WebStudy International leverages the value technology adds to teaching while providing a process to measure and monitor when learning occurs.

Read more about our vision for creating a New Path Forward to achieve sustainable solutions to innovate and grow digital learning that is evidence-based and cost effective.

Sustainable Solutions
Do you believe your future digital learning and student success strategies require more than a shiny new set of LMS features?
Absolutely! WebStudy’s differentiation is our culture of ‘Service Partnership.’

WebStudy International offers a mix-n-match package of WebStudy LMS tools, priced a la carte.  Make those choices intelligently based on metrics from our built-in WebStudy Insights Module.


Add your preferred interoperable third-party tools, affordably, to achieve sustainable solutions to innovate and grow digital learning that is evidence-based and cost effective.  


Together, we’ll evolve your Digital Learning Solution to achieve your new digital learning path and move forward with unprecedented flexibility, affordability, and scalability.

Take the First Step
Are you unsure about how to get the next generation learning conversation started on your campus?
Play this video at your next department meeting and share your reactions. The first twenty years of this 100 Year Digital Transformation in education focused on distance learning exclusively. Now the focus for the role of technology is BOTH student access and student success.

It starts by aligning your people, processes, and technology. With the right configuration, you can do amazing things! Think WebStudy as your white hat vendor partner. Together, we’ll design an affordable yet powerful solution for digital learning.


About WebStudy International

2018 marks WebStudy’s twenty-second year of higher education service. We’re privately-held, debt-free, and organically grown, meaning we focused on our clients' needs first and shareholder needs second. The end result is a high touch customer support and an innovative affordable learning solution built to last and evolve with customers needs.
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