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Think WebStudy - Different By Design

WebStudy – Different by Design – Iterative Development for the Next, Next And Next Generation LMS


Industry experts have labeled WebStudy as “Other” as demonstrated here in the infamous LISTed, squid diagram, distributed widely in the e-Literate Blog.


There will always be a next generation of technology to enable effective teaching and learning; hence our long horizon commitment is to evolve not disrupt education.


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by continually adapting technology to the ever-changing educational landscape.


Together, in servicing under one hundred customer installation and a half million users, we listened and learned the following A Sustainable Innovation in Technology must demonstrate Value!  


Yet a customer’s value proposition for using technology to improve the teaching and learning practices that work well is still a balance act.   Balancing advances in People, Processes and Technology into the fabric of teaching and learning remains a long-term endeavor.

After twenty years of proven sustainability, our brand recognition will be built on evidence that learning can take place using WebStudy InteLMS technology purposely.

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