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WebStudy InteLMS

Mix and match LMS tools to your academic purpose to maximize learning

Learning outcomes vary by subject, curriculum and course. Start there, then choose which LMS tools will enhance what already works well in your course design.

The WebStudy InteLMS Platform’s open, standards-based design will enable your institution to flexibly assemble the learning tools you needapplications, digital services, content repositories, and analytics tools. Need to incorporate asynchronous learning in your 18th Century English Literature course? No problem! Need to use gaming tools in your basic skills math course? No problem!


WebStudy InteLMS real time analytics is an academic GPS system to help students stay on their student success trajectory.  Our InteLMS uses the WebStudy Insights module to track and report on the LMS teaching and learning activities at the course, department and institutional level.  In partnership, administrators and instructors expand their capacity to implement digital tools that improve academic performance with less effort.


The combination results in the business intelligence required to continually grow and innovate your digital learning environment.

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