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Do more of what works with less effort

At WebStudy International, our Digital Learning suite of  solutions will help you build

your new path forward to succeed in the digital learning era:

WebStudy InteLMS

A flexible and standards-based teaching and learning platform that allows your institution to mix and match digital learning tools optimally for each subject and program, e.g. the digital learning experience for foreign languages differs considerably from calculus

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Subscription Pricing

An affordable subscription-based pricing plan that allows your institution to experiment and move forward with digital learning on your terms and at your pace rather continually bumping up against a campus-wide LMS migration

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Build a New Path Forward

Follow these steps to profile what you have, then plan for 2020 and 2025.


Unlimited 24/7/365 Concierge Service

Hands-on, high-touch, unlimited 24/7/365 support that resolves each faculty, student, and administrator’s digital learning problem completely—which by the way, actually encourages them to use digital learning tools in their classroom

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Webstudy Foundation

The WebStudy Foundation offers resources that help your institution define and embed your digital learning strategy—not just with campus leaders, but with all stakeholders in every single department—so people, process, technology, and vendor all move forward on the same learning path together

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