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Subscription Pricing

Implement Digital Learning on Your Terms

WebStudy’s subscription-based pricing provides an affordable alternative to the traditional monolithic FTE-based annual software license.


What if you started with an introductory package for under $10,000, grew semester by semester in a metered approach until you reached your FTE maximum? WebStudy is committed to your institution designing an affordable, flexible digital learning adoption path that is consistent with your Mission.
For some customers, distance-based online enrollments are top priority; yet others may focus on the use of technology to optimize student success. With a subscription approach to pricing, you can experiment with both.


Implement campus-wide digital learning on your terms, experiment on your terms—let’s say with your English department —and strategically expand to other academic programs as you gain understanding on what digital learning means to your institution across hybrids, web-enhanced, fully online, or flipped classrooms.


You can afford to run experiments with WebStudy InteLMS simultaneously with your current LMS license.  Avoid a campus-wide disruptive LMS migration until your campus has aligned on the strategic position that technology will serve long term.


Using an evidence-based approach, you can customize your needs using a progressive approach to define and combine which LMS features impact student learning and completion either faster or with less effort. We’ve created a flexible pricing schema so you can match LMS components with rubrics and outcomes, then examine the end result in learning analytics.

Build a New Path Forward

Follow these steps to profile what you have, then plan for 2020 and 2025.